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Holy fucking old and fat men! Ridiculous matches!
12 November 2017
Reviewer: Cynthia G Ganga from Calgary, Alberta, Canada

60 of 114 people found this review helpful

An absolute and complete gong show.

Every single man that approached me was as old or older than my bosses husband (in their 50's). They all had beer bellies, couldn't dress themselves and could not write a legible profile.

Yes, it's a given that I spend time between Alberta, NYC and London and was on the app when I was in Alberta but the matches were simply atrocious.

I wanted gorgeous and I got his fat Uncle.

The men were nowhere near me in terms of ability in my sports. I am exceptional in 2 of the sports that I play and they were beginners or men who just wouldn't be able to perform in the sport due to being fat.

The introductions were laughable, "Hey, your pretty", "Wat do you do?" and other such nonsense.

Not worth your time if you are an active female who is average in size, has an education and is looking for someone (in Alberta at least) to ski and snowboard with on the weekend.

In summary, I would not recommend Fitness Singles to a friend.

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Update your site, like it but hate that it hasn't changed
16 June 2015
Reviewer: Summer Girl 007 from San Francisco, VA

115 of 247 people found this review helpful

I've have been a member of Fitness Singles on and off over the last few years and while I have pros and cons about dating on the site, I wish they would 1) update their success story (I've seen that same couple for over 2 yrs now!) and 2) have a home page - not just the same old log in or sign up when I come back...makes me think they have not updated or grown at all...which in turn has made me loose interest to sign back in or sign back up - which is kinda sad because at one point I had the most views for my age on the site :(

In summary, I would not recommend Fitness Singles to a friend.

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Not WORTH your hard-earned pay!
23 October 2014
Reviewer: Magnus from San Diego

112 of 248 people found this review helpful

First, this site only charges men, not women for access to communication for dates. This is 2014, women want equal pay, then those same women should spend equally. But I digress. Overall, the caliber and quantity of women is not up to par with the cost. Fitness Singles charges a hefty price but does not provide a surplus of potential partners. Do yourself a favor and save your money. The chances of meeting someone with similar interests, who's actually in the shape that they claim in their profile and within a reasonable driving distance is very slim.

In summary, I would not recommend Fitness Singles to a friend.

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A big rip-off
15 September 2014
Reviewer: Ripped Off In California from California

155 of 301 people found this review helpful

I joined this site about a week ago and agree with the first reviewer. It seems like nothing more than a scam as I have not had any legitimate contacts from anyone yet. The clues are that the emails are very brief and written in poor english. They are usually very complimentary, telling me how beautiful I am. I had tried to complain to the owners of the website but also got voicemail and told my profile was declined. They do make it very easy to sign up, but then it seems to be all fake after that. Don't waste your money.

In summary, I would not recommend Fitness Singles to a friend.

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Fintess-Singles Support Scammers on their site
26 August 2014
Reviewer: Scammed from DC, USA

150 of 271 people found this review helpful

I have been contacted by a white gentleman on the site who has several picture of himself in different places, nice looking, gentleman, picture of nice car, a dog... We started communicating through the email. He stated that he has a successful business and lives in east coast but now is opening a store in Beverly Hills so he is out of town. He sent me picture of his entire family with him. He was showing too much affection and to be sure, I decided to track his email heading. It came out he is not that white guy who is writing me email from Beverly Hills. He is actually located in Ghana and tracing his email address, I found out that he has scammed several men and women out of their savings.

I immediately reported that to the site and next thing was that they suspended my account due to inappropriateness. I sent them several emails and asking them why they are harassing me instead of stopping the scammer. I even tried to call them but it goes to a voice mail, however, evidently, they were working at the same time on suspending my account.

They have not responded... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Fitness Singles to a friend.

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