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How to Choose the Right Fitness Dating Website

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With television, the internet, fast food and busy working schedules, it’s getting increasingly more difficult (or distracting) to stay fit and healthy. But some people manage to keep their bodies in top shape, thriving on exercise, sports and the cultures which come along with physical activities. If you’re looking for a date who keeps fit and enjoys a healthy lifestyle, you might want to consider Fitness Dating Websites.

What are Fitness Dating Websites?

“But what is a fitness dating site?” we hear you cry (possibly from atop a bicycle or treadmill). Fitness dating is a developing niche in the online dating market that focuses specifically on those users who are particularly interested in health, fitness and exercise of all kinds. While online daters from all walks of life may be interested in sports and exercise, Fitness Dating focuses specifically on those users who are looking for a partner whose interest in exercise has become a true passion. You can seek out attractive singles near you who enjoy a particular sport, exercise or healthy approach to life. If you just want someone to play sports with, you can also find sporting partners without romantic inclinations. For the most part, though, these websites are useful for anyone who wants to find romance with a like-minded sports enthusiast.

How Do We Compare The Websites?

We’ve explored the best sports dating websites around today, comparing and contrasting them to find out which sites might best suit your dating needs. We consider a range of important factors, including your chances of finding a date, the cost of services, the range of features available and more. But before you hop, skip and jump into our reviews, we’ve a few top tips to help you navigate through this labyrinth. So, here are our suggestions on what to look out for...

  • Chances of getting a date
    Whether you’re looking for a sporting partner, dates in the great outdoors, a romantic rendezvous with a gym enthusiast or just someone to watch a game with at home, you’ll stand a better chance of finding them if there are plenty of people to choose from. We check each site’s membership numbers and consider how many of those members are frequently active on the site. We also think about how fitness-focused each website is, and whether you’re likely to find your ideal partner based on a particular sport or fitness activity. This is especially important if you want to find dates who share your hobbies, such as cycling, running, watching football or any other relevant activity. Check the search parameters too, because if you’re seeking a like-minded individual who enjoys the same sports as you, it’s important to be able to locate them easily.
  • Features
    Fitness dating websites are pretty similar to most other dating websites, except that there’s an understanding that the members are primarily interested in fitness and in dating fit people. However, there are some sites which offer additional features, such as forums or message boards for finding local teams and matches, sporting venues and individuals who are available for training. If you’re someone who would like to see and hear a potential date before meeting them in person, keep your eyes peeled for a website which offers webcam features. If that’s not a big issue, rest assured that most of the sites we’ve reviewed will allow you to communicate via email-style messaging or instant messaging.
  • Quality and size of members’ photos
    Whilst looks aren’t everything, you can generally assume that members of fitness websites are going to be interested in people who take care of their bodies. As such, it may be important to invest in a sports dating website which allows members to upload multiple photos. This is also a great way to share your experiences if you enjoy swapping photos of hill walks, exciting matches or other sports-relevant snaps. You may notice that some members use their online photo galleries to explain where they’ve been and what they’ve been doing, which is a great way to get a conversation started.
  • Help files and technical support
    As with any dating site, it’s important that problems are fixed promptly when something goes awry. For the most part, you should be able to seek help from an online FAQ, but it’s also really helpful if a website offers live support. Forums can play a part in helping with technical difficulties, too, so seek those out if you’re concerned about any aspect of your online dating experience.
  • Ease of use and navigation
    Most people don’t find their ideal partner on their first try, so you may spend a decent amount of time performing searches, sending messages and exploring profiles. If this is the case, it’s important to find a dating website which is easy to use but also offers enough options (particularly when performing a search) to keep things fresh. Believe us when we say that having to input the same old search options, and searching through the same old profiles, can be a real pain. If you’re open to exploring members who offer something different to your usual preferences, seek out a website which provides you with matches and recommendations, or allows you to easily change your preferences to suit your mood. 
  • Ease of joining and registration
    Fitness dating sites are designed to hook you up with like-minded fitness fanatics. Therefore, they may require a sizable amount of information to properly match you with potential dates. When signing up, some websites will ask for a lot of personal details and preferences, which can take time to complete. We recommend persisting because the more information you provide, the more accurate your matches will be. However, top dating sites should allow you to control how much information you provide, and the process should be smooth. If you’d rather not share all of your information right away, find a website which allows you to skip through some of the more detailed elements of registration. Once you’re happy with the site and decide to become a full member, you can then update your profile with all the necessary details.
  • Value for money
    Cheaper isn’t necessarily better in the dating game, as some sites may offer false economy. When it comes to specialist dating categories such as this one, it’s sometimes worth paying a few extra dollars to find a supportive community, with features that support your lifestyle and dating desires. We compare prices across the board, cross referencing the various features available, and provide information on which packages might offer the best value for money. Of course, this partly depends on how much money you’re willing to spend, or how much money you have, but don’t simply opt for the cheapest option because that’s not necessarily going to improve your chances of finding a date.

Privacy, Safety & Anonymity Online

While the internet has obviously developed dating considerably, making internet dating one of the biggest and most profitable online services, users should also take care to ensure that their safety and privacy is not compromised while they use these services. Users should take care to restrict the information they share with other users, particularly in the early stages of any relationship, and avoid sharing sensitive personal data (such as bank details or other such information) with anyone they meet online. Finally, users should also look out for sites that offer a wide range of features that help to keep them safe and happy whilst they use their services, such as customizable privacy settings, “block lists” and more. In every case, our in-depth reviews for each service will highlight these features, helping you make the right decision each time.

The Bottom Line

Those are our top tips to consider when reading through our sporty dating website reviews. The most important thing is to find a site which suits your needs. So, whether you’re looking for a regular training partner for marathons, someone who enjoys watching sports at home, or just a date with someone who likes to take care of their body, there’s a fitness dating site out there to suit you. Good luck! (We’d say “break a leg”, but it doesn’t seem all that appropriate...)